February 8, 2013

Zamzar: Converting Files the Easy Way

There are countless opportunities the digital age has opened for businessmen, something that brothers Mike and Chris Whyley grabbed with the establishment of Zamzar. Due to the multiple formats that files can come in, Zamzar has been dubbed as one of the most useful and practical web applications where it allows users to convert files without having to download any other extra applications, tools or software.

Founded in 2006, Zamzar has seen massive success as it supports over a thousand conversion types and is user-friendly. Users simply type in a url or upload files to this web application, allow it to convert then wait for an email with a url for the converted file. Users then simply download the file, or email Zamzar files for conversion. Free to use but with a monthly subscription option, Zamzar has proven that in the worldwide web, an ingenious idea can go a long way.