January 15, 2013

Sugar Stores: Enjoying Sweet Success since 2005

It is common knowledge that when products are great, prices are low and services are exemplary, the entire shopping experience becomes a whole lot sweeter – and that’s what Sugar Stores, Inc. has been offering ever since it set foot on the acerbic world of business.

Established in 2005, Sugar Store, Inc. started out with LexMod.com, an online retailer of stylish, contemporary home and office furnishings. The company was blown away by the positive response, as several interior designers, television and movie set designers, and individual clients flocked their web-based shop and placed their orders faster than the newly-opened company could ever keep up with. The sales went sky-high in just a few months, and it was both a humbling and overwhelming experience for everyone behind LexMod.com.

A few more months into the online trade, they realized that the industry still has a lot of space for other affinities and tastes. So they decided to create a brand new company that would operate several websites, featuring innovative, one-of-a-kind office and home furniture. Thus, Sugar Stores was born.

Whether clients are in search for something traditional or contemporary, elegant or simple, Sugar Stores has everything they need that would fit to their varied inklings of self-expression. The company strives to provide exceptional products that allow its consumers to flourish amidst the ever-changing landscape of designs and decors. Not only that, they feature quality products at the lowest costs possible with services that are always at par with global standards. Indeed, the company is simply all about providing something sweet for every customer taste.

Today, Sugar Stores has grown from a single online shop to nearly 60 booming websites, with an annual revenue of over $11.2 million. It has transferred from its 5,000 square foot location in Brooklyn, New York, to a 60,000 square foot warehouse in Northern New Jersey, what with a whopping 163% growth in just a span of three years.  The company currently ships for more than 30 manufacturers and also imports and brands their very own line of modern and outdoor furniture.