February 11, 2013

Princess Deena Abdulaziz’ Individualized Approach to Selecting D’NA Couture Collections

Passionate about the creative aspects of fashion, Princess Deena Abdulaziz brings a strongly personal aesthetic to the clothing and accessories featured at D’NA’s flagship Riyadh location. Her cross-cultural background and the influence of a fashion-forward mother have encouraged her to expand the boutique’s lineup over the years to include up-and-coming designers from around world. Many designs featured are exclusive to D’NA in Saudi Arabia and simply cannot be found elsewhere in the region.

Supporting new design talent has enabled Princess Deena Abdulaziz to keep D’NA’s couture selections fresh and vital over the years. One of the up-and-coming textile professionals recently showcased is Lulwa Al Amin. Bahraini born, the designer creates distinct whimsical prints for specific collections. In working with Al Amin on a Spring wardrobe for D’NA, Princess Abdulaziz commissioned full length versions of the designer’s feminine soft cotton and silk garments.

In many cases D’NA collaborations with its roster of talent extend to the selection of color and design elements. For the Fall, 2012, season, Princess Abdulaziz engaged personally with Ohne Titel’s Alexa Adams and Flora Gill to create exclusive floor-length versions of coveted gowns, with exclusive color variations. Also in 2012, D’NA offered a sleek and minimalist take on the traditional kaftan by Patine.

The success of the members only Riyadh D’NA store recently led to the opening of a pop-up in Doha, Qatar, and the subsequent launch of a permanent Doha outpost. Princess Deena Abdulaziz has taken pains to ensure the integrity of store layout and design, including the construction of a signature red door and innovative use of PVC piping. As in Riyadh, the Doha emporium features a constantly changing selection of curated artworks, coffee table books, and object d’art.