February 1, 2013

MFI: Britain’s National Furniture

A powerhouse in the kitchen and bedroom furniture industry in the 1960s, MFI Group Limited was once known as Britain’s national furniture retailer. Founded in 1964 in England by Noel Lister and Donald Searle, MFI was initially named Mullard Furniture Industries, later renamed to MFI Warehouses. During its heyday, MFI was the go-to company for all kinds of furniture, selling in out-of-town stores and in retail parks. With over 200 stores across the United Kingdom, MFI was supplying over 50 million products all over.

In the 21st Century, MFI saw financial trouble as rival furniture companies began gaining control of the market. Despite mergers and buy-outs, the company was unable to keep its retail head above water and was eventually sold to management. To date, MFI still keeps its name as a furniture retailer but has focused its sales to an online presence, proving that a strong brand name can stand again as long as it has an excellent customer base.