January 10, 2014

Mettler-Toledo Intl: A Leader in Manufacturing of Scales and Analytical Instruments

The merger of Mettler (based in Switzerland) and Toledo Scale (based in Columbus, Ohio) in 1989 created Mettler-Toledo International. The company specializes in scales and analytical instruments which they market globally.

The precision instruments manufactured by the business are used in scientific researches, drug discovery and quality control labs. The majority of their customers are from the chemical, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Toledo is considered as the largest manufacturer of industrial and retail scales in the United States. It was in 1901 that founder Henry Theobald innovated the image of store scales by coming up with an automatic weight and price display. Dr. Ernhard Mettler, a Swiss engineer and founder of Mettler invented the substitution principle with a single-pan balance, capable of being produced in series.

There are more than 36 countries that the business supports. The majority of their revenue is coming from their sales in Europe which constitute 34% of their revenue, 34% from their Americas and 32% from Asia.