January 7, 2014

Mentor Graphics Corp: One of the Pioneers in the EDA Industry

The products manufactured by Mentor Graphics Corp enable engineers to hurdle the challenges in designing increasingly complex board and chip. Through their product offerings they are able to help other companies create better electronic products cost-efficiently and faster.

Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, this multinational corporation deals with electronic design automation (EDA) for both electronics and electrical engineering. It started its operations in 1981 with founders Tom Bruggere, Dave Moffenbeier and Gerry Langeler. The company’s first funds of $1 million came from Sutter Hill, Greylock and Venrock Associates. Mentor is also known as one of the first companies to attract venture capital to the state of Oregon. The founders were all working as software developers at Tektronix. These gentlemen were also part of the group of brilliant minds who brainstormed and came up with the idea of computer-aided design for electronics. The three represented Mentor while the rest of the group joined together to form Daisy Systems and Valid Logic Systems.

Mentor Graphics Corp distributes and manufactures the following tools: electronic design automation (EDA), embedded systems development, FPGA synthesis tools, electrical systems, cabling and harness design, simulation tools for analog mixed-signal design, mechanical analysis tools and the Veloce product family of tools which enable SoC emulation and transaction-based acceleration.

As a global venture, they hold 70 offices worldwide. Their research and development teams are located in countries like Japan, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Europe and in the United States. To be abreast with global trends in software development, they also keep a substantial workforce in areas where labor cost is lower like in the countries of Egypt, Hungary, India, Pakistan and in Poland. The company is one of the creators of the EDA industry and was ranked third based on production and revenue size. As of 2012, major competitors of the business include Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys and Zuken.

Common stocks of Mentor Graphics are traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol MENT. During their 2013 fiscal year, they reported revenue of $1.09 billion.