November 16, 2012

MANGO: Bringing Spanish Fashion to the World

To the fashion industry, Mango is not just a fruit: it’s the epitome of Spanish clothing design, founded in Barcelona, Spain and one of the most-recognized labels in the world. Mango was founded by Isak Andic in 1984, with a goal to “be present in every city” in the world. As of now, the company has achieved this in the 2,000 stores it has in over a hundred countries, and 8,600 employees in its retail shops.

Mango’s presence was further emphasized in the creation of its website and online store, the former in 1995 and the latter in 2000. With an initial focus on women’s apparel and accessories, Mango opened its first men’s line in 2008, named H.E. Founder Isak Andic is still the company’s president, and Enric Casi is its CEO. Mango has used several popular figures in their ads, including model Kate Moss and Spanish muse Monica