May 17, 2013

Lyle & Scott: Scottish Knitwear Since 1874

If there’s something to be said for knitwear, it’s that it is not only synonymous with comfort, it is clothing that has always been and will always be a classic. Lyle & Scott certainly fits the bill for both qualities, having been a notable name in golfing knitwear since 1874. Lyle & Scott’s golden eagle logo has been worn by popular musicians, professional golfers and television personalities alike, a testament to its likeability as a clothing brand.

Lyle & Scott was first founded by William Lyle and Walter Scott in Hawick, Scotland. Now with its headquarters in Selkirk, Scotland, Lyle & Scott stands behind its prestigious history of manufacturing quality knitwear. In fact, its modern designs still draw from the company’s archives, which feature the works of renowned fashion designers Christian Dior and Michael Kors. Still wildly popular among golfers worldwide, Lyle & Scott has recently expanded its range to include accessories and has extended to meet the younger demographic, as evident in its appearance in the television show, “Skins”.