April 16, 2013

Liberty Interactive: An Example of Exemplary American Business

The most successful business conglomerates in the world are those that not only operate in areas of interest that are in high demand, such as oil, but operate among numerous diversified interests. Liberty Interactive is one of the latter, a billion dollar corporation that owns and is a shareholder in various digital, online, e-commerce, telecommunications and multimedia businesses.

Formally known as Liberty Interactive Corporation, the company is composed of two main groups: Liberty Interactive Group and Liberty Ventures Group. The Liberty Interactive Group handles video and e-commerce for the corporation, including several subsidiaries and shares in similar business interests. The Liberty Ventures Group, on the other hand, deals with business investments outside of Liberty Interactive’s scope, such as green energy and various websites.

Liberty Interactive began as a division of Liberty Media Corporation. It was formed in 1998 as an arm of the original company that would be taking charge of new technology in interactive media and programming. Liberty Media merged with Tele-Communications, Inc. in 1994 and with TCI Ventures, Inc. in 1999. In the same year, Tele-Communications, Inc. merged with AT&T, with Liberty Media becoming tracking stock of AT&T. In the 2000s however, Liberty Media split and spun off as a separately traded company named Liberty Media International, Inc. and in several more years, was renamed to Liberty Interactive Corporation.

To date, Liberty Interactive holds stock in major media and telecommunications companies such as AOL Inc., Barnes and Noble, Inc., CenturyLink Inc., Crown Media Holdings Inc., Current Communications Group, Motorola Mobility Inc., Sprint Nextel Corporation, Time Warner Cable Inc., Viacom Inc. and so much more. The company is headed by John C. Malone, Chairman, and Gregory B. Maffei, President and CEO. Liberty Interactive’s headquarters are in Douglas County, Colorado, USA and as of 2012, the company shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down as it keeps raking in massive revenues from its business interests.