February 27, 2013

Izod: The Original Preppy Style

There is much to be said for fashion, with the many different clothing styles and the numerous fashion brands dominating the scene. Izod, a subsidiary of giant corporation Phillips-Van Heusen, finds its place in the fashion industry by producing clothing that are “dressy-casual”, with the addition of sportswear, footwear and accessories. Izod has its headquarters in New York City, USA.

Izod began in 1922 London, where Arthur James “Jack” Izod, a talented tailor, had set up a shop called A.J. Izod in the city’s West End. Izod’s work impressed Edward, The Prince of Wales, and the prince gave the tailor commissions to make clothing for the royal family. Izod was the one who made the Windsor tie-knot for King George V. In the 1930s, Vincent De Paul Draddy from the US-based company David Crystal Co. bought the rights to Izod’s name as the tailor entered retirement. The A.J. Izod of London company was then launched in the USA in 1938.

Izod is most known for its long partnership with luxury brand Lacoste, a name associated with the iconic French tennis player Renee Lacoste, with famous figures such as John F. Kennedy, Dwight David Eisenhower and Bing Crosby helping to catapult the Izod Lacoste brand to popularity. By the 1970s, the Izod Lacoste brand was so in demand that it became a part of the standard preppy style. This allowed Izod to expand its manufacturing to footwear, eyewear and leather goods.

In 1995, The PVH group bought Izod, bringing it back from the brink of decline to regain the height of popularity it enjoyed in the past decades. Izod’s lines include Izod Classix, Izod Luxury Sports, Izod Jeans and Izod PerformX. The company has had the NBA New Jersey Net’s Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey the IZOD Center in 2007, and is now the official provider of apparel for several prestigious sports competitions and events, like the IndyCar Series.