March 22, 2013

Giimo: Night Lights for a Relaxing Bedtime

It’s understandable that children have a fear of the dark. After all, there is much room for imagination at night, when it seems like there is nothing yet everything to see and no one around for company or comfort. Giimo solves the problem of fussy sleepers and bedtime cryers with their ingenious line of night lights, meant to calm children into a restful slumber as well as give parents an easier time in tucking their young ones in.

Giimo sells an array of animal-shaped night lights that give off a gentle, soothing kaleidoscopic glow. These night lights are portable, so kids can use them as flashlights, and rechargeable so parents have no fear of the lights suddenly going out. According to Giimo’s product research, their night lights have helped millions of children all over the world and have been a helpful therapeutic tool. During the day, Giimo night lights can be turned off and serve as decorative items or toys, making them a multi-functional must-have in families with small kids.