July 12, 2013

GDF Suez: Providing Light to the World

Tracing its history to the Universal Suez Canal Company founded in 1858, GDF Suez was formed last July 2008 after Gaz de France and Suez merged. The company is considered a multinational electric utility company operating in electricity generation and distribution of renewable energy and natural gas.

Their employees totaling to 236,000 worldwide helped generate their revenue of €84.5 billion. Together with their 1,200 researchers, the company aims to provide goods and services essential to life: electricity, gas and energy and other environmental services.

Just this July 2012, the company completed its purchase of Britain’s International Power. The acquisition started 2010 with GDF Suez purchasing 70% of its sharing and thereby creating the world’s largest independent utility company.

With two centuries of heritage, the company now stands as one of the leading companies in the world and not just in their trade. They organize their business into six lines: Energy France, Energy Europe and International, Global Gas and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Infrastructures, Energy Services and Environment.