February 15, 2013

DKNY: Fashion in the Big Apple

DKNY, or Donna Karan New York, is well-known as the clothing line of renowned fashion designer Donna Karan. The label has its headquarters on 550 Seventh Avenue, New York City, and is a subsidiary of the LVMH Group. DKNY was Donna Karan’s brainchild, established in 1989 with the designer’s daughter, Gaby as the inspiration for the business. Since Karan already has an existing label, DKNY offers a more affordable and younger range of clothing, leather goods and watches.

DKNY has stores in London, China, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Canada, Wales and Dubai, with a prolific online presence. In 2005, DKNY expanded to sell accessories, underwear, baby garments, shoes and eyewear in addition to its regular menswear and womenswear. To date, DKNY has several other labels that have spun off the original, including DKNY Home Collection, DKNY Life, DKNY Juniors, DKNY Baby and so on. The brand continues to offer fashion at a pocket-friendly price and remains a popular clothing name around the world.