July 19, 2013

Brown Cow: All-Natural, Cream Top Yogurt

When companies name their brands or products, they usually base it on a good many number of things, according to the nature of the business they’re in. For yogurt brand Brown Cow, the name wasn’t just a whim – it was taken from an actual brown jersey cow named Lily from whom the milk used in the yogurt-making business, was taken.

Founded in 1975 in Ithaca, New York, Brown Cow yogurt started out as a small farm run by a family that made all-natural yogurt. Lily the brown cow produced extraordinarily foamy and rich milk which, the family discovered, churned out extra-creamy yogurt. By 1983, Brown Cow had grown its operations out of Ithaca to Petaluma, California. In 1989, Brown Cow moved to Antioch, California following its sale to the Ford family, who in turn continued making delicious yogurt with an unusual “cream top” not present in other yogurt brands. Now owned by Stonyfield Farm, Brown Cow is beloved for its lack of preservatives or artificial ingredients.