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The Internet certainly affords individuals an unprecedented degree of information and education, as well as the need to decide how and where they get it. An ever-growing network of news sources, blogs, and social networks ring with just as many voices, but determining which to listen to for disparate arenas of our lives proves for a tall order. Certainly, Facebook is the main source for connecting with our colleagues, college friends, and other acquaintances to find out about what matters to them. Websites like the New York Times offer frequently updated stories about issues from business to arts. But what about when we’re deciding which business to patronize for a certain good or service?


Sites like Yelp, and other using similar models, without a doubt provide a wealth of feedback—but is it the type that’s useful? Does one person’s account of a particularly busy happy hour at a local restaurant, when they happened to be in a rush, really serve our purpose? What about a review of a law firm posted by someone who happened to arrive with an extremely weak case, or alternately, a frequent customer of a sporting goods supplier who sings unyielding praises of the place because his uncle owns it? These snippets can lead to a convoluted, hard to navigate environment.


At Dailynewsmug.com, we maintain a commitment to a different source of information. One that collects the facts, reads the news, and aggregates the various materials into straightforward analysis. The site will feature regular updates about companies and entrepreneurs pursuing progress, presenting new services, and more.


  • Fidelity Southern Corp: Banking in the Metropolitan Atlanta

    Fidelity Southern Corporation is a financial holding company that continues to offer a wide array of financial services through its two subsidiaries: Fidelity Bank and LionMark Insurance Company. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has been around since 1973.

    As of March 2015, the company currently has 45 branches in the state of Georgia and continues to further expand its operations. The customer base of the company includes both residential and commercial customers, who come to the business for depository products and various loan products. their savings products include interest-bearing demand deposits,

  • Finish Line, Inc.: The Athletic Lifestyle Partner

    The Finish Line, Inc. is considered as one of the largest apparel retailers in the United States. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, the business continues to look for opportunities to expand its operations from the 656 stores they now own and operate.

    The company started in 1976 and is the brainchild of three childhood friends. It was Alan Cohen, David Klapper and John Domont, who founded the company as a franchise of The Athlete’s Foot.  Initially, the company focused on footwear. As their market expanded, they started offering other fashion items and accessories. It didn’t take long for the business to

  • Doral Financial Corp: A Decommissioned Bank Holding Company

    Doral Financial Corporation was the parent company of Doral Bank, one of the leading community banks in Puerto Rico. The business was known as a diversified financial services venture that held its headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    It was in 1972 that the company was founded. Through its subsidiaries, the company offered a wide range of banking and insurance agency services. The operations of the business were not only limited in Puerto Rico, as they also operate in the United States. Doral Bank reportedly had over $6.2 billion in assets and