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The Internet certainly affords individuals an unprecedented degree of information and education, as well as the need to decide how and where they get it. An ever-growing network of news sources, blogs, and social networks ring with just as many voices, but determining which to listen to for disparate arenas of our lives proves for a tall order. Certainly, Facebook is the main source for connecting with our colleagues, college friends, and other acquaintances to find out about what matters to them. Websites like the New York Times offer frequently updated stories about issues from business to arts. But what about when we’re deciding which business to patronize for a certain good or service?


Sites like Yelp, and other using similar models, without a doubt provide a wealth of feedback—but is it the type that’s useful? Does one person’s account of a particularly busy happy hour at a local restaurant, when they happened to be in a rush, really serve our purpose? What about a review of a law firm posted by someone who happened to arrive with an extremely weak case, or alternately, a frequent customer of a sporting goods supplier who sings unyielding praises of the place because his uncle owns it? These snippets can lead to a convoluted, hard to navigate environment.


At Dailynewsmug.com, we maintain a commitment to a different source of information. One that collects the facts, reads the news, and aggregates the various materials into straightforward analysis. The site will feature regular updates about companies and entrepreneurs pursuing progress, presenting new services, and more.


  • Unwired Planet: Introducing Mobile Internet to the Market

    Listed as one of the founding members of the WAP Forum, Unwired Planet was formerly known as Openwave. Prior to this, the company marketed its offerings as Libris, Inc., Software.com and phone.com. It was in 1996 that the company launched its operations as Libris, Inc.

    The company, though not known to many, is one of the businesses that have powered smartphones to connect to the internet. As a successful mobile software supplier, the business has significantly made an impression in the introduction of mobile internet. It pioneered the HDML, which was the precursor

  • United States Lime & Minerals, Inc.: Leading Provider of Lime Products in Central USA

    Lime and limestones are two essential raw products that are used in construction. These products are used as base materials that are then incorporated with other products to create highways, parking lots, roads and other facilities. In the United States, one of the largest producers of these materials is United States Lime & Minerals, Inc.

    Publicly traded on the NASDAQ, the company continues to trade its common stocks under the ticker symbol USLM. It operates under two business segments, namely: Lime and Limestone and Natural Gas. The Lime and Limestone operations of the company start from their underground quarries and

  • Transdigm Group, Inc.: Designer and Manufacturer of Aerospace Components

    Virtually all commercial and military aircraft vehicles that are in service today carry the products offered by Transdigm Group, Inc. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company develops, designs, manufactures and markets engineered components for the aerospace industry.

    Transdigm Group, Inc. was created in 1993 and is now a multi-billion company that trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. As a trusted partner in the industry of aerospace, the business provides a wide array of parts and components. Among the products they offer are specialized pumps and valves, AC/DC electric motors and